Firework Stands

Stand out from the crowd!

We at Square 1 Containers acknowledge that each business is distinct. That’s why we offer custom-built Square 1 Firework Stands that cater to your specific requirements, utilizing our exceptional new or used cargo containers. The inherent strength of our containers provides a secure environment for your fireworks business. Our top-quality stands not only spark curiosity and elevate your business but also embody durability and security, lifting your venture to new heights!


Choose between our 20′ or 40′ options, ensuring the perfect fit for your business needs.


Fireworks Stand – 20 ft
Description: 8ft x 8-1/2ft x 20ft.
Includes: 2 Sale Windows

Fireworks Stand – 40 ft
Description: 8 x 9 ½ x 40ft
Includes: Either 4 or 5 Sale Windows

Our skilled team builds each unit according to your needs. Modification options include:

  • 3″ Keyed Cylinder Hasp Lock: Secure your stand with confidence.
  • 36″ x 84″ Steel Pedestrian Doors (Qty 2): Provide easy access.
  • 48″ LED Surface Mount Lights: Illuminate your stand and enhance visibility.
  • Wooden Sales Counter
  • Sign Board Frame: Built to your preferred dimensions.

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